Consulting & Coaching

Whether you’re looking for short-term, longer-term, project-based, or relational support, we can find the solution that fits your needs.

Consulting & Coaching Packages

2-Day Strategic Planning Session

3-Day Strategic Planning and Problem Solving Session

3-Day Strategic Planning and Problem Solving Session plus 8 consulting/coaching hours

Strategic Planning

This session is designed for small to mid-size companies and is especially helpful to ministries who may not have prior business experience. Strategic Planning allows your team to come together, communicate and achieve consensus on mission, vision, goals, and priorities, define scope, assign and balance ownership and accountability, determine key performance indicators, and drill down all the way to daily priorities and tasks.

At the end of this process, your team will be in agreement and alignment with your stated mission and goals, be proactive in their roles to achieve them, have the tools to prioritize their time and efforts, avoid scope-creep, and have a basis for decision-making and resource management.

Problem Solving & Consulting

Is your team stuck in a rut? Is there conflict that can’t seem to be resolved on your own? Are you trying to determine the best course of action or where to direct resources but can’t come to a consensus? Are you building programs and a team, but are unsure of best practices, methods, and direction? Need an experienced and unbiased third party to assist your team through a resolution?

Our consulting services are designed for project-based work and are designed to cultivate a trusting relationship as we steward your team through their challenges and toward success.

Individual Coaching

Have you ever wanted a professional, strategic or life coach, but couldn’t afford it or commit to the time requirements? We offer quality service with flexible meeting options at affordable rates. With a coach, you can:

  • help vet ideas and put structure to your vision
  • learn more about yourself and the implications to your professional or ministry vocation
  • get help processing through the challenges and conflicts that bog you down
  • define priorities, have an accountability partner, and unload

Individual coaching is a one-on-one, personal experience that integrates your personal (emotional, mental, and physical) and professional worlds, addresses your individual needs, provides a safe place to discuss leadership challenges, and sets you up to lead your team well while also caring for yourself.

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