Professional Training

We provide training and services for anyone who works with clients experiencing severe stress and/or complex trauma with an emphasis in sexual harm.

We take complex topics and package and present them in easy-to-digest formats.

Our teaching is a blend of best practices we’ve gained over time and includes elements of Dr. Dan Allender’s teachings, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. Robert Townsend, Dr. Eric Gentry, Brene Brown, and others, plus the latest findings in neuroscience, trauma and the brain, and attachment, all while maintaining biblical integrity. We can tailor workshops to meet the needs of both faith-based and secular audiences and organizations.

Please note: Our teaching is not meant to be an introduction to Trauma Informed Care or Commercial Sexual Exploitation, but rather assumes a rudimentary knowledge pre-exists for those pursuing White Stone’s services. Our teaching, services, and consulting provide a deeper level of understanding to bring one from trauma-informed into trauma-competent and survivor-centered.

2-Day Workshop: Complex Trauma and Working with Victims

This workshop provides a solid foundation for understanding Complex Developmental Trauma, the importance of attachment and healthy bonding between caregiver and child, and the far-reaching implications of what can occur when these things don’t exist or aren’t done well. Upon completion of this course, participants will learn the difference between behaviors (addictions, sexual exploitation, high-risk behaviors, styles of relating, etc.) and the underlying core issues that distort identity, which must be addressed for long-term healing and sustainable change.

Participants will develop an understanding of how to effectively engage clients by building rapport, establishing safety and trust, meeting clients where they are at, and avoiding re-exploitation and re-traumatization.

Whatever one’s position in the organization, the information in this workshop will equip participants to understand their clients’ behaviors and underlying needs in a helpful way, as well as provide insight into one’s own internal make-up, through live instruction, experiential activities, and facilitated group work and/or role play.

4-Day Training Workshop

This workshop includes all the content in the two-day workshop but goes deeper into the material to provide a robust understanding so that participants can more fully integrate the material into their knowledge and practice.

Participants will learn about the 5 Core Needs every individual has, the five most common survival/attachment styles developed as a result of developmental trauma, and the results of what successful engagement with each type may yield. Emphasis is given to the importance of relationships: relationship with God, with others, and with self, the importance of attunement, containment, and strengths-based engagement, and how these relational dynamics can literally rewire the brain, during which the external behaviors change.

Participants will also make connections within their own stories to understand their individual make-up and how their style interacts in positive and negative ways with clients, as well as the importance of boundaries and self-care.

Full Training Certification

This workshop includes all the material in the four-day workshop and continues to add more nuance. It also focuses on client breakthrough and successful outcomes that go well beyond life skills and behavior modification to true, sustainable healing and heart change.

In the final session, participants will learn how to drill down and identify core wounds, be the client’s guide, but not problem-solver, work in tension and client binds, lead clients to break vows, lies, and agreements, allow clients to grieve, and identify strategies for clients to become self-advocates and achieve agency. Attention will also be given to both spiritual warfare and mental health issues. Participants will receive a certification at the end of the training series.

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