Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision is to cultivate and enrich environments where deep healing from developmental trauma and sexual harm can occur and the discovery of one’s identity and purpose can flourish and thrive within relational contexts.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide expert, survivor-led, professional training and coaching to individuals and organizations who serve those desiring healing, wholeness, and purpose.

Values & Beliefs

Core Values


We believe Jesus is the foundation of all we say and do.


We believe healthy relationships are a vital part of the human experience.


We believe the word love has been hijacked by culture and needs to be re-defined.


We believe identity can be redeemed and sense of self can be restored if they are anchored in faith, not people, places or things.


We believe there is a critical need for professional, expert, survivor-leader’s input in this field.

We live out our core
values internally by:


Practicing what we preach and hold one another accountable to keeping Jesus at the center.


Emphasizing ongoing professional training and development.


Engaging in healthy relationships with one another as a team.


Ensuring our actions and motives are inspired by love.


Committing to continual personal and professional growth and in our ultimate identity in Christ.

We live out our core
values externally by:


Understanding our faith is personal and not forcing it on to others.


Exceeding the needs of our customers and stewarding those relationships with excellence.


Offering a unique customer experience that cultivates dignity and honor.


Equipping clients to better understand who they are and what their purpose is while equipping them to serve others.


Providing professional, first-hand experience and input.

Next Steps...

If you’re interested in learning more and seeing how we may be able to support you or your team or group in their efforts, please let us know.

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